In many cases, conflict in the workplace just seems to be a fact of life. We’ve all seen situations where different people with different goals and needs have come into conflict. And we’ve all seen the often-intense personal animosity that can result.

If conflict is not managed effectively, the results can be damaging. Conflicting goals can quickly turn into personal dislike. Teamwork breaks down. Talent is wasted as people disengage from their work. And it’s easy to end up in a vicious downward spiral of negativity and recrimination.

RESOLVE’s coaching services are designed to help develop leadership and interpersonal skills essential for managing conflict successfully. Unlike traditional group training, coaching’s one-on-one format allows us to focus on specific needs and enables managers, executives and organizational leaders to immediately practice their new skills on the job.

The following list represents several interpersonal and management skills we have been asked to address through leadership skills coaching: